If you live in Phuket then you will need to make use of the Thai immigration office in Phuket. We have listed a map, telephone numbers and other contact details including a photo of the immigration offices in Phuket. If you need to do your 90 day reporting while living in Phuket then this is the office where it needs to get done. This office will also extend your tourist visa for you for an additional 30 days and can also extend your marriage visa or retirement visa. Note that this office is very busy as there are many expats in Phuket and it is very busy more than the Pattaya Immigration office, so go early. Note the office hours for this immigration office below.

Phuket Immigration

482 Phuket Road
Tambon Talat Yai
Amphoe Muang
Phuket 83000

Phone: 0-7622-1905

Email:  s_phuket@immigration.go.th

Phuket Immigration Office Immigration Office Phuket

If you live in Pattaya then you will more likely than not need to do your 90 day reporting at the Pattaya office of Thai Immigration. We have listed the contact details of the office below. Note that you can also apply for a re-entry permit at the immigration office if you have a 1 year Thai marriage visa or a retirement visa while in Thailand. The office is very small and with the large amount of expats it is best if you arrive very early at immigration as a long queue forms quickly. The contact details for them and also a map for the office has been added below. If you have any questions about your visa then speak to us at our Pattaya office or speak to us online for more assistance. Note the office hours for the Pattaya immigration office listed below. As stated with the large amount of expats in Pattaya they are open on a Saturday but this is only for 90 day reporting.

Pattaya Immigration - Street Address:

No 75/265, Moo12,

Nongprue Sub District ,

Banglamung District,


Tel : 038-252-751-4,

Fax : 038-252-750-4 to 100

Pattaya Office Hours : 08:30-16:30 weekdays, 08:30-12:00 (extensions/notifications only) on Saturdays



Thai Immigration Office - Pattaya

If you live in Thailand and have a 12 month marriage visa, 12 month retirement visa or you have a work permit then you have to report to Thai immigration every 90 days. This is to ensure that they have your address on record in the event that they need to find you.


Obtaining a multiple entry visa for Thailand can be very difficult and in Asia that would almost be impossible. The information which follows is applicable to the current situation in Asia and globally with regards to multiple entry visas for Thailand as at the time of writing. These do change and could become much better or worst. Check with the Thai embassy or with an immigration expert in Thailand.


The re-entry permit is a permit which is added to your passport when you have an extended 1 year Thai visa. Note if you have a multiple entry Thai visa this would not be needed but a visa that has been extended in Thailand for 12 months after showing you met the financial requirements needs a re-entry permit when you leave the country.


The visa on arrival as described on this website lists the entry points into Thailand. We have now listed the countries which get a visa waiver. This means that you can enter Thailand for 30 if you arrive via the airport and 15 days if you arrive via a border crossing.


The VOA or Visa on Arrival in Thailand is available to certain nationalities. Some may only receive 15 days, others have to apply for a tourist visa before they arrive in Thailand.  The VOA or Visa on Arrival normally cannot be extended as it is viewed as a temporary tourist visa. Check if your country is allowed to have a 30 day visa on arrival, 15 day visa on arrival or if your country is excluded from the visa on arrival in Thailand.


The duration of the visa is determined by the embassy which had issued the Tourist Visa. If you have a 30 visa that visa will be valid for 30 days after entering Thailand. Hence the 60 day visa would be valid for 60 days after entering Thailand. That would be the duration of the tourist visa. See the rest of the post for more information about your Thailand visa and how this gets extended in Thailand.


The non immigrant "B" or Business Visa is available to those who wish to enter Thailand for the purposes of conducting business or seeking employment. There is are a few options with regards to the Thai Business Visa. Normally the Thai embassies will only issue you with a 3 month / 90 day Business Visa as this is all that would normally be required for starting Thai Work Permit process. The "B" Visa does not give you the right to work in Thailand as this is commonly misunderstood.


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